Wilderness Lodge standard room or studio villa at Bolder Ridge

Would you recommend one over the other? I have a reservation at a standard lodge room right now but looks like I can get a studio villa for about the same price. Is one area better to stay in one that the other? There will be 4 of use in the room, 2 boys (6&8). Thanks!

The studio will give you a kitchenette with toaster and microwave. The second bed will be a sleeper sofa. If it’s in Boulder Ridge it will be in the separate villas building at WL and therefore quieter than the main resort (the studios at Copper Creek are the renovated rooms in the main building).

Also a studio at CC will be smaller than a regular room, because of the space taken by the kitchenette. This may not necessarily be the case for BR though. I’m sure the room sizes are available somewhere, just not to hand right now.

If a similar price it comes down to preference. For some that would be the trade between a second real bed versus a kitchenette.

I THINK there is little difference - however as stated above the bed situation is different. Also with villas - I think housekeeping is less frequent.

If you need the kitchenette go for the villa - otherwise - I would go for the room. I actually prefer being in the main lodge - there is more hustle bustle and the grandeur of the lobby is a nice draw for me.

If you pay cash for a villa, i.e.: book direct with Disney you still get daily housekeeping. If you rent points, then you will get towel and trash service on day 4, then full cleaning on day 8 (or vice verse for longer stays).

Thanks. I think I’ll stick with what we have… it s a short stay after a crusie so I think in the lodge might be better. I saw a sale price on the villas and got tempted since the prices were close to the lodge rooms.

Regardless - you will love WL