Wilderness Lodge - Room Request

I apologize if this has been asked previously. I did a search and couldn’t find any relevant posts.

I’m starting to look at what room to request at WL for our April trip. We’ve booked a standard view with two queen beds. I’ve been fooling around with the room finder on the dashboard and I’ve found a few rooms that seem to be standard category that have pretty nice views. I read somewhere that the woods view category are also now standard view rooms, but I’m not sure if that’s changed since the construction is now complete? I know with a standard room, we could very likely be looking at a parking lot etc. but I’m hoping to get a room with a “good” view that’s still in that category. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone have any real life experience they could pass along? Thanks!

We stayed this past April in a standard room. I think I requested something around 6026? Also noted upper floor, close to transportation. Ended up with room 6014, and an amazing view of cindy’s castle. Plus, the boat transportation was just down the elevator and at the end of the hall. We were very happy! I am on my work computer or I would post a picture. Hope this helps!


So last time we stayed - we were in the STANDARD room area. We had a lovely view of a dumpster - however at night had great view of the fireworks. Depending on when you are staying - I would probably just request a standard room and then try to upgrade once there. For all the time you are in the room is it worth an upgraded view. I can certainly say in some instances YES in others NO. So you need to determine that. However standard on a HIGH floor was great for us.


We stayed in an upper floor woods view like the green ones Tigger circled. It was great for getting to the boat and for watching MK fireworks before bed.


this is what we requested… wonder if well get it?! :slight_smile:

I love WL. I love the grandeur of it. I like the rustic elegance of it. I like the laid back atmosphere. I like the convenience to MK. I think it is one of the best resorts at WDW

I think a lot have merrit. As a child I always wanted to stay at the contemporary. Seriously though in the 70’s 80’s what could be cooler. Although I think it is a nice resort and the monorail is cool - it doesn’t hold the same draw.

Would love to stay at GF - but find the “value” in it lacking. Yes beautiful place - but I can stay at the Waldorf for 1/2 as much. Don’t even get me started about the bungalows at Poly - I would rather spend the money to go to the REAL Fiji