Wilderness Lodge renovations - should I be concerned?

Our first stay at Wilderness Lodge is currently scheduled for November 9-15. I know renovations are scheduled to start on October 26, 2015. I’ve called twice to try to find out about how it is going to impact our stay and see about availability at other resorts. The first agent was looking at moving us to ASSports so I got off the phone fast! The second agent assured us that our stay in the Lodge itself would be minimally impacted by the construction since it is starting at the quiet pool by VWL. I’ve now heard that they are calling DVC guests at VWL about changing resorts due to the construction. We’ve never stayed at WL, so should I be worried about the construction or is the pool by VWL far enough away from WL that we’ll be fine?

Combined with our last hellish stay at POP (room in middle of Argentinean quinceanera trip group, generally kept up until about 3 am, request multiple times to change rooms refused saying there was nothing available and they could not assure a quiet room anywhere in the resort -??), if this trip goes south, my husband will never agree to another trip to WDW, so I’m stressing a bit.

I have never stayed at WL either, nor do I know anything about the actual construction that is planned. However, given how many other awesome options there are, I would probably avoid it myself. Are you going directly through Disney? You mention an agent, so I am wondering if you are working with an outside company. You can pretty easily figure out what else is available on the Disney website for your dates. Perhaps a cabin at Fort Wilderness or Poly if you want to stay on Bay Lake?

I’m doing it myself (was referring to the agents at Disney). We also have free dining which we theoretically can transfer, but there has to be availability. The Disney website doesn’t show any availability at any MK resort for our dates (only YC - CL, AKL or AofA family suite). I don’t think we have much of an option, but was just hoping that someone could provide a little bit more information about the resort itself.

I don’t know about the construction but have to say some cm make me laugh… We were there last October when the whole pool was under construction… They did a good job of hiding it and really we were there for the close factor to mk! I would suggest jut switching if you really are worried… I was going to book WL agian for oct but heard about construction and switched to AKL… I feel your pain about dh… We had a tour group kill our POR stay one year! Good luck… Sorry I’m no help :slight_smile:

WL itself is beautiful and relaxing, if you have a courtyard view it shouldn’t have any significant impact on your enjoyment of the resort. VWL is in a completely different building that basically overlooks the construction (at very close range), but not so for the vast majority of the main lodge. Be prepared with a good room request and you should have a wonderful time.