Wilderness Lodge refurb

Hello, staying at WL for the first time and bummed that Roaring Forks and the nature trails will still be closed while there. We’re on the dining plan. It’s a quick 4 night trip, should I move to a different resort? Any feedback is appreciated.

I wouldn’t switch because of these closures - however if there are significant other changes - perhaps.

I loved WL. The rooms were ok - but loved the grandeur of the lobby and just the sense of relaxation while there. The price is usually good as well and give the convenience of MK via the boat - which is just fun. However if you don’t plan on spending much time at MK - you may think of another resort. I wouldn’t cancel because of Roaring Forks though.

I stayed there three weeks ago and my advice is to keep your reservation! There is a QS- Geyser Point Bar and Grill and it is great ! Less rooms means less people. I had a great stay!

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I meant to come back and post some pictures! Here they are: