Wilderness lodge input please

Questions about Wilderness Lodge?? For our fall 2020 trip DH through out Wilderness Lodge and then switch to GF for a few nights.

We are both intrigued by Wilderness Lodge. Looks like fun activities there but I would love to hear what people think about it. We want a fun hotel to spend our afternoons at as i think we are a Rd-2ish then Relax at resort type of family. Is the pool nice? Kid pool area? Anything else to know? How’s transportation?

We stayed at poly our last trip and did one afternoon at the pool
And decided we need more of that next time.

We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge last April and loved it. I definitely hope to stay there again.

We loved the pool area. I’m not sure how old your kids are,but my kids (4 and 7) loved the slide. My 4 year old also really loved the splash pad area. The main pool is not zero entry but the Boulder Ridge pool is if you have smaller kids. We spent almost every afternoon at the pool. They did have some activities and my 7 year old participated almost every day. The drink service around the pool was a little slow (I think there was only one server when we were there) so we usually just grabbed our own food/drinks.

We also did the camp fire/ marshmallow roast two evenings. It’s located between the main pool and Geyser Point. Marshmallows were free and I think it was like $5 for s’mores (we just did marshmallows). My kids really enjoyed this, though it’s not super elaborate or anything.

My favourite thing about WL was Geyser Point! I think we had 3 dinners there. We loved the location and atmosphere.The food and drinks were quite good too.

We found the transportation to be great except on our Epcot day, but that was partly our own fault. We just missed the early bus and then had to wait for almost 30 minutes for the next one. Our Epcot bus also stopped at Fort Wilderness which added some time. We loved the boat to and from MK. We used the bus on our EMM day but otherwise used the boat.

Thank you! For the great info. In 2020 my kids will be the same as yours are- they will be 7 and almost 4!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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We loved it!!! My daughter was 5 at the time and we had soooo much fun! The boat ride to and from MK was the best! On the way back late one night we caught the electric water parade from the boat. In the morning we got off at CR and walked to MK (it was really easy and that’s coming from a person who gets lost using Waze!). We did RD-11:30 then back to WL back to MK 5-close. It was great! We would get food at Roaring Forks and eat by the pool! Rented bikes to ride. 5 years later she still talks about it!!! The first day we dropped the bags and went to AK; hopped right on the bus and were able to hop right on one coming back as well. Super easy and just a great place to stay!


They have a hidden Mickey trail that you can do with a sheet from the front desk.

The lobby is beautiful. What’s not to love about a stream that rises inside, a huge open fireplace, huge carved totem poles and and nooks and crannies to explore upstairs, with comfy sofas and rocking chairs.

If you like steam trains, check out the lounge at VWL which has pictures of Walt as a young boy and the train at DL. Might be called the Carolwood Pacific Room ???

You can see deer along the path to FW, which you can ride bikes along too. It’s maybe a mile to FW, where you have things like archery, kayaking, the stables with the white horses from the MK parade, a blacksmiths etc.

Plus the new character dining at Artist Point.

Oh and the cupcakes at Roarin Fork were amazing!


My daughter loves horses and horse rides that would be a fun thing to add next time!

So bus service is ok? Keep reading what a pain it is.

Part of the vacation for me is not having to drive. Sit back and chat with my kid:) that being said the boat is way more fun😁

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Agree about not driving. That’s the best part. And not having to find parking.

Well this ya def in the running. I think with our resort afternoons there are neat things to check out abd places to relax.

Only other options in considering is AKL—- because it looks fun or since GF is a MK resort should we be splitting with an Epcot one…

I’m waiting to the impact of Star Wars as this is a perspective fall 2020 trip.