Wilderness Lodge fridge and coffeemaker

I am preparing to place a Garden Grocer order for our upcoming 10 day August trip. Does anyone know what kind of coffeemaker they have in rooms?
Also, does fridge fit 1/2 gallon sized milk? We plan to have breakfast in room and have snacks, fresh produce to take along into parks.

The coffee maker has the small pouches of coffee. I think you could get a half gallon in there if you laid it on the side. We used snack credits for pints of milk but I’m pretty certain you could get a half gallon in there. WL is my favorite!!! Enjoy!

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So its a standard drip coffeemaker? not the keurig type with one and done little cups/pods

not keurig, not standard drip. It’s a proprietary pod system (little pouches) for single cup brewing.

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Ok, thank you–I will just make sure I have my Coffeemate then for the morning brew.