Wilderness lodge fax

Hi folks

I just painstakingly completed the form for faxing requests to the hotel and on my dash board it confirmed the fax will be sent 5 days prior to my vacation. When I went to the dash board later it showed the default setting of wilderness lodge any room and no opportunity to make changes if needed.

Where did it go?

I was really happy with the blurb I had added in the text box too, not sure I can remember what I had written now :frowning:

Is it me or a fault with this service ?

Many thanks

Tagging @len for you.

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Thank you. I’m new to forums :smile:

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No problem. He’s the head honcho and knows the right people to check it out for you.

As @len hasn’t chimed in, you should e-mail webmaster@touringplans.com. They are usually quick quick to respond to any technical issues.

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Thank you both for helping around the forum and on a topic that is not interesting and possibly should not be posted

I have every confidence Len and his team will respond to my e mail

Thanks brklinck

Accidentally deleted my post saying it was all resolved quickly by the team/webmaster. Duplicate for some reason, probably my fault as the deleting theme continued with this post!!!

Thanks to the team love the forums as it has all been really helpful