Wilderness Lodge Courtyard View Room Request?

Hi all,

I got a PIN code today, a 35% discount off of a Courtyard View at the Wilderness Lodge in late April. We had originally booked a Standard View (loading dock view!) room, but none were available with the PIN so our TA upgraded to this instead… better room and saving $300+ from our original reservation.

I had a room request blurb worked out for a Standard View room, but I’m at a loss for the Courtyard View. I see competing recommendations. I had originally requested 4th floor in the great hall… noisy from Whispering Canyons, but with that great view of the lobby as soon as you open your door. Are there Courtyard View rooms that looks out on the courtyard, but who’s doors open to the great hall? And if so, which ones, and which floors?

Beyond that, any Courtyard View room request preferences and advice that anyone wishes to share is incredibly welcome!!!

Have you checked out the TouringPlans Room Finder? View of Disney's Wilderness Lodge will allow you to search for room, see locations on a map, and see room views, and it will also give you the text to submit to WDW to select a given or similar room.

Other than that, given the layout of WL, I cannot think of a courtyard view room whose door opens on the Great Hall.

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We did our first stay there in oct and loved the resort! Not sure about courtyard view but we were super lucky in oct with our standard view looking out to the CR and space mt! We only requested a high floor :slight_smile: I think any view would be nice, there are big trees everywhere:) sorry I’m not very helpful! My fav memory was one early morning, ds 9 months and I walked down to the dock (coffee in hand!) and enjoyed the early morning water… It was so pretty! Have a great trip!!!

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