Wilderness Lodge Construction in 2016?

I’ve read the news, here and elsewhere, that a big project is starting in later 2015 going through 2016 at the Wilderness Lodge, new DLC villas. I wanted to return there, but this news makes me less enthusiastic. How intrusive do you think this will be? If it’s on the NE side, and doesn’t involve the pool, it’s possible that an inner courtyard view or a room on the opposite side of the hotel could be ok… or am I kidding myself?

Remember that the Poly construction is absolutely earth shatteringly horrible relative to every other construction project at WDW, ever. WL has a newly refurbed pool as of November 2014, and is still just a quick boat ride or bus from MK, great restaurants, etc, etc. I think it’ll be fine, and, as usual, they’ll try hard to be very sensitive to the experience of guests staying there during construction. I would totally stay there during construction season.