Wilderness Lodge Bus Service?

Anyone here have stayed at WL and can tell me about the bus services to the other 3 parks besides MK??? We are most likely going to be renting DVC points for Copper Creek Villas on our next trip!

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Do you have a specific question about the bus service? There are buses to all parks and DS. I’m not sure what information you are looking for. Let us know and we’ll try to help!

And welcome :slight_smile:

How efficient is the service I guess. I’ve heard some resorts have better service than others. This is what led us to pick Copper Creek over our other top choice, Saratoga Springs.

We just stayed there last week! (We also stayed at BCV for a few days, so I can compare a little)

Our experience was that WL had fantastic bus service - better than BC by a LOT. Now, it could be that we just got lucky and timed things well. But, the stop is close to the CCV rooms, it’s covered and organized. The TVs showed the expected times (once busses were “officially” running) and they were fairly accurate.

We regularly got to the bus stop about 75 - 90 minutes before park opening. There was usually a bus that showed up right around 75 minutes before opening, and we were often the only group, or one of two groups.

We did end up taking the bus to MK one morning - we thought it would be more reliable than the boat for RD. But we tried to take the boat as much as possible, since it’s more “fun”. :slight_smile:

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