Wilderness Lodge - Boulder Ridge vs. Copper Creek

As was referenced in an earlier post I called today about adding tickets to my package but Wilderness Lodge was listed as a closed resort of 2021. I have a couple of questions that I hope some here could answer.

1.) Anyone stay in both the Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge villas? They are both available, both close to the same price. My thought is the Copper Creek would be newer rooms but it looks like the Studios are mostly on the first floor. Why would anyone choose Boulder Ridge if the price is the same?

2.) Are the facilities and restaurants all going to open at WL, just not the WL hotel section? Pool, Geyser Point etc?

3.) On the phone they stated that to move to the Boulder Ridge would not cost me any extra under their price protection policy during this crisis. I went on the website and the price on the website (including tax) for Copper Creek or Boulder Ridge is actually $600 cheaper than what I am currently scheduled to pay for a 6 night stay at the closed WL, should I be able to get that price over the phone or will I have to cancel and re-book.

Thank you for everyone’s help, I know its been a very stressful few months for everyone and I hope you all are doing well physically and mentally.

I haven’t stayed at either yet but am scheduled to stay at BR in December in a studio. One thing I know about both resorts is that BR studios sleep 5 whereas CC studios only sleep 4. This would explain why BR is the same price although CC is newer.

Copper Creek is much, much newer and in the main lodge. Until they refurb BR, I’d stay CC anytime it is available.

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I like being in the main building and closer to the boat docks so I’d choose CC just for that reason.

Stayed in Boulder Ridge last November. Can’t really compare since I haven’t been in both but BR is off to the side and smaller… so it seemed like it would be quieter. As far as noise went, we didn’t hear anyone else the entire time we were there.

Beautiful resort. Loved it. We had Disney Fine Art photography there and those pictures turned out excellent.

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Ended up booking Copper Creek, it was an interesting process though. As I mentioned earlier in my post the price online was cheaper than what I had originally booked. I pulled this up on line while I was talking with a cast member on the phone. During the back and forth all of a sudden there were no more Copper Creek rooms available so I moved it to Boulder Ridge. Sure enough after I hung up I went back through the website and there was no studio availability at CC. Just for the heck of it an hour later I tried it again and sure enough, CC had studios available, so I booked it online and canceled the Boulder Ridge reservation I had made on the phone. This morning I went back on the site and there is no longer availability for studios again. Not sure why it keeps going back and forth but I am happy with what we have set up.

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