Wilderness Lodge Boulder Ridge Villas 1st Floor

I keep seeing people mention that the higher floors are better at Wilderness Lodge for the view but we would prefer a ground floor for the convenience and less walking. Are the ground floor rooms bad? I’m wondering about security, wildlife, etc.

I’ve only stayed at Boulder Ridge once and it was on an upper floor. We prefer upper floors for a balcony and quiet, but I think the ground floors would be good if convenience and less walking are priorities (especially if you have a stroller or mobility device).

There is one section that has patios that are right next to the walkway between BRV and the main lodge. When a bus arrives and empties out, you’d get a lot of people walking right past you. My father said something along the lines of “you’d need to be highly extroverted to stay in those rooms.”

Thanks for this info! I’m trying to picture what rooms those are. I definitely don’t want that.

Full resort overview. Red arrows point to general location of rooms near busy paths.

Below is the TP Room finder section. The highlighted rooms are all in the vicinity (1501-1516 according to RF).
The ones that look out directly on it are: 1506, 1508, 1510, 1512, 1514, 1516 (outlined in red).