Wilderness Lodge April visit

My 5 and 3 year old want bunk beds, so we are going to book a WL bunk bed room. Woods or Courtyard view? Does anyone know if first floor has bunk beds? We love ground floor since we have a big double stroller. Any other tips for WL are greatly appreciated! TIA!

Funny, I booked a BB for mid December. I booked woods view, when I checked in they said they upgraded me to courtyard ( but that was a king bed and I was traveling with my son), so I ended up with a water view. I would book the cheapest rate and request ground floor. They may move you anyway.

We didn’t get bunks in oct but did do woods view… Ended up on the 6th floor, looking at CR and space mt! From what I saw… Seems like first floor woods view wouldn’t let you drive your stroller out the patio? I never ha a problem getting the stroller around at WL, granted it was a single :wink: sorry I’m not much help… Have fun!!!

Check out TP’s Room Finder http://touringplans.com/hotel_maps/disneys-wilderness-lodge. It will show you all the rooms that meet given criteria, plus instructions on how to request those rooms.

Do you remember what room you were in? We booked a Woods view recently for an upcoming trip and we have never stayed at WL. I’m trying to figure out room requests.

Check out the above link - it gives locations, sample views, and request info.

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Room 6050… The bbq house was under us and I’m sure you could see fireworks but we were only there one night for mnsshp :slight_smile: I bet the room above us would have been Ben more perfect! No problem with noise or getting to back elevators!


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