Wilderness Explorers with before opening ADR

We currently have before park opening 8:05 ADR at Tusker and plan was to go immediately to Safari then Pagani Forest. Is it possible for us to pick up the handbook somewhere that early or do I just need to warn DS that he won’t be able to get those badges? BTW: 1st post so apology if it is in wrong place let me know. :wink:

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I do not know if Wilderness Explorers opens early but your post is perfect!

The Times Guide from when I was at AK last week showed Wilderness Explorers 10:00 am to 7:30 pm, when park hours were 9:00 to 11:00. Sorry, but I don’t know much more than that since I was not doing that activity.

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Last summer while waiting for RD they were passing out the books and that was definitely before 10 a.m. but I can’t guarantee that they will do that everyday as we were there at peak time. But I don’t think you will be able to collect badges until the official opening time for Wilderness Explorers.

I’m interested in this. I heard there were a few places around the park you could pick up the book. If you go to the main booth does your child have to do the oath or can you just pick up a book please?

Wilderness Explorers currently starts at 10:00am. For OP you can get a handbook on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail (Pangani Forest) after your safari. They are available at the Gorilla Research Center and Overlook (zebras and meerkats). The trail then exits near the Safari Badge location. Upon exiting trail turn left and head down the slope to the little house with a green roof. You need to enter the name of your safari vehicle on p13 of handbook so listen out for that on your ride. You’ll be able to get your African Culture Badge in the same location as the Safari Badge.

FYI: Wilderness Explorers, and all badge distribution, closes at the same time as the trails (currently 7:30pm).

*Edited with updated times on 8/1/16 - times will vary seasonally!


Thanks SO much Little_Fish! That is very helpful and I just added to my touring plan a note to get name of safari vehicle so he doesn’t miss that badge. Liners are THE BEST!!

I had to change the times (days are getting shorter!). I hope it will still work out for you. Other locations you can get Wilderness Explorer handbooks are:

Habitat Habit (Rafiki’s Planet Watch)
Across from Yak & Yeti (Asia)
Across from American Crocodile (Dinoland)
Discovery Island Trails (behind Tree of Life)

CMs issuing books will be dressed as Wilderness Explorers.


on our plan we are hitting gorilla trail around 930 - so still may work out if we stay there a while. Thanks again!

Little_Fish, this is great info. Thanks!

I had no idea this existed! Thank you, @AmyJo27 for letting me know.

sfl - thanks!

Dear Little_Fish,
The name of “Safari”, is the name of the “Safari” used for the ride of " kilimanjaro Safari"?

Thank you

Thanks for all the info. I really looking forward to wilderness explorers at our first trip.

Can you get several handbooks (per person) or do you get one per family?
I dont want to share with my kids… :wink:

The name of the attraction is “Kilimanjaro Safaris”. The name of your vehicle, for the handbook, will be “Simba 1”. You can see the name when you pass through the booking office in the standby queue (there is a plaque on the counter). If you are using Fast Pass don’t worry though; the driver will make a point of mentioning the vehicle name too.

It is is 1 handbook per person and they will give you a pencil too.

FYI: This week Wilderness Explorers is running 10:00am - 5:45pm.

We still have our unfinished books from our last visit in 2014. Does anyone know if we can use those in our next visit?