Wilderness Explorers Initiation

Is the Wilderness Explorers “initiation” only at the main station near the front? I know you can get a booklet at all of the WE stations, but I’m wondering about the initiation part of the experience. I’m planning to RD Pandora, and would rather not backtrack if the littles can get initiated at the Pandora WE station.


I don’t recall an initiation experience. We got our booklets at the Gorilla Falls trail.

Edited: which may be why I don’t recall that LOL

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I was just reading on the TP blog about it and it says the following, which prompted me to ask:

It is free to participate. Just visit any Wilderness Explorers station found throughout the park to get your booklet. Or, start at the main location just as you come out of the Oasis and enter Discovery Island; it is on your right as you face the Tree of Life. Here they will explain how to participate and initiate your little explorer with the Wilderness Explorer’s pledge and call.

Oh the whole caw-caw-rawr! thing

I remember that now

But I think they can do that at any of the spots.

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Ok sweet. I figure we might do 1 or 2 of the badges, but want to do that first part too. I’m overplanning big time here…

You overplan? … nah. Happy to read you are heading to WDW (or at least planning without getting fire shot back in your face).

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The only thing she’s burned so far is the trip length. Was 8 days (I bought 8 day tickets originally for last year) but now only 6 plus brief park visits on arrival and departure days. And no mid trip break day. Her concern is the kids being burned out by the 8th day in the parks. We’ll see. Park days will be shorter than our first trip. Kids are better able to handle no naps. No fireworks no reason to stay out late. Etc. I think it will be fine. We’re staying at AoA but I’ve booked BLT for the last 2 nights as well. I’m hoping she is good with that plan. It is a good one. Finish the trip with MK and Chef Mickey’s. Anyways, no more rambling. Gotta get back to work


Yes, you do the Wilderness Explorers ceremony at the station where you start, and you can start at any station.

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Can’t wait to read about it! Sounds great!

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We did the wilderness explorers in December. We started at Gorilla Falls. You can always go back by the station on your way out and get the badge there. They also say a little pledge and if I remember right raise their hand. I think it was something about pledging to care for nature. My GS really enjoyed collecting the badges. We plan on doing it when we go back. Hoping to get all the badges. It also gave him something to do while the older kids rode the rides that he was too little to ride.

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An Explorer is a friend to all
Be it plant or fish or tiny mole

The wilderness must be explored!
Caw caw RAWR!


We stayed at BLT the past two trips and loved it (even DW who is not a big Disney fan loved BLT). The convenience to MK is amazing.

DD5 and I have been slowly working on DW for extra days for our next WDW visit since we have missed 2 trips so far. We usually go 5 nights. DW has now agreed to 6 nights and DD5 and I are pushing for 7 :slight_smile:

DD5 makes compelling arguments … she said that since she loves Star Wars and her brother loves Dinosaurs, we need extra days at HS and AK. And who am I to argue with that logic???


She may be projecting. I think you and the kids will have 8 days of fun … she may be burned out earlier.

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Did the try the whole “the tickets are cheaper the more days you add” argument?


“Once you pay for 4 days (and you need to have one day in each park, right?), you might as well do 10!”