Wilderness Explorer Game + Touring Plans

What is the best way to incorporate the Wilderness Explorers game into a touring plan? Is it best to just hit these things along the way, or dedicate a chunk of time to it? Or something else?

Also, the software allocates 25 minutes for it, I think, but I gather that the experience actually takes several hours to complete because you’re roaming all over the park, right? Is there a way to account for that in the plan so it’s a little more realistic?


Pick up the badges as you tour. You don’t need special time for it. Just do the activity when you find yourself at the correct spot. My guess is the 25 minute wait in TP is considering signing up, getting instructions and then setting out. Seems a bit high, but maybe you’re looking at high crowd levels?

Yeah, it is fairly high the day we were targeting. Would ordinarily avoid it on that basis, but there’s only so many things that generate lines that we like to do there and we have FPs for all of them, so it didn’t seem like the crowds would present a big issue. I guess we’ll see, though…

Hope you like it!!

Thanks! My daughter is 6 and a big animal fan, so I’m hopeful she’ll get a kick out of it! :slight_smile:

My kids loved it - just had to be ok with several 5-15 minute diversions all day long. We couldn’t get the kit during 7AM EMH, so just in case you may want to know where the other pickup stations are that aren’t the one on the walk in and grab it later in the day.

I want to try this this year for my 6yo - where do you pick up the book? And does it open when the park opens? We have a morning and then another full day at AK; I’d love to pick up the book when we get there on our first morning.