Wilderness deluxe club level

Perhaps has been asked but we will be staying at WL Deluxe CL, I don’t know what if any room requests can be had. Trying room finder and does not list deluxe CL, would like to know room locations and any room requests for these specific rooms. TIA

It seems as if Courtyard or Woods view would be the closest but I would most likely just not request a room. If you want a woods or courtyard view, just remove the room mumbers and write a note in the text field. I love WL CL! I hope you will too!

Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it! Great idea!

When I stayed we were on the 6th floor overlooking the lobby. The club level was on the floor above us.

Thanks for the info Gabmom!

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I stayed last February after the refurb and the CL rooms and lounge are all on the top floor. The lounge overlooks the lobby. Here are some photos:

Wow, really looking forward to getting there, only 165 more days!

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