Wilderness Campground? Trip Planning for Coworker

My colleague made the mistake of announcing an upcoming Disney trip during a department meeting and I have decided to help plan. They (his partner and 3 kids, 16, 15 and 11) are driving their RV from DC sometime in mid-June and will have 2-3 days at Disney and 2 days at Universal (why he is just now semi thinking about this trip is beyond me, which is why I must help).

They are staying at Fort Wilderness Campground, which I know nothing about. A few questions:

-Is Fort Wilderness Campground considered an on-site resort?
-I am seeing that there is an internal bus system at the Campsite, and then “regular” transportation, correct? So that means they need to plan for waiting on an internal bus to get them to the boat launch plus the time for a boat launch to get to MK?
-Anything in particular I need to know about the Campground prior to beginning my planning?

We’ve never stayed there, but have looked into it.

  1. Yes, it’s an on-site resort.
  2. My understanding is that there is an internal bus system that will then take you to either the boat launch or to the main bus stop. I think you can also rent a golf cart while there - to me, it sounds rather expensive, though. However, it’s such a big resort that some people think it’s necessary. Will they be bringing a car along with the RV? If so, driving to the parks may be an option as well.
  3. As stated above, it’s a big resort. We actually have considered staying at the cabins there because my DH and DS are big outdoorsmen and thought they’d love it. You might be able to review Fort Wilderness on All Ears and get more info also.

Good luck!

I am a Fortwilderness camper. we love it. If there are any “preferred” campsites available they will be near the pool or ferry boat. both will also be near internal campground bus stops. camp sights closest to “settlement” are near boats to take you to the magic kingdom no need for a bus. campsites near “meadows” are closest to pool , they would need to bus to front of campground to transfer to bus to go to mk or take a campground bus to settlement to hop on a boat to mk.
Going to epcot = boat to mk transfer to monorail to Epcot
all other parks bus or drive
Fort wilderness is an on-site resort.

the Unofficial guide has great info on campground - all ears has good info too [allears.net/acc/faq_fw.htm] (http://allears.net/acc/faq_fw.htm)