Wild card Fastpasses?

A friend of mine just told me that a Disney rep on the phone gave her a sort of “wild card” Fastpass that could be used any time and any place on a certain day, as a sort of compensation for not getting the one Fastpass she had wanted. Is this a thing?! How much do I need to beg to make that happen? (I’m assuming they wouldn’t give it to me since I’m staying off-site anyway, but it’s amazing to hear that this is a possibility…?!)

It’s a thing. I don’t know how much you’d have to beg, but I suspect it’d be longer than just waiting in line for the one ride you really, really want.

But perhaps I’m being pessimistic. If you’re willing to get on the phone with Disney, I’d love (as in, I’d give you a free subscription), to hear what you had to go through to actually get one. Let us know!


I just called and tried the begging! Explaining along the way, of course, that I have been trying to get Anna/Elsa Fastpasses by checking on my phone about every 30 minutes (for weeks!) and that the 10:15 p.m. passes I did get are a bit late for DD2 and DD6 (though I’m still lucky to have any I know!) The man on the phone said that the ‘wild card’ passes are reserved for guests who have something go wrong and need to be “compensated for it” and that only the top manager can give it out. He added that they can’t be given out willy-nilly because it would mess up their system, obviously…
That said, I am pretty sure that my friend didn’t have anything go really wrong with her bookings, I believe she just called and asked about getting Anna/Elsa. I wonder if it has something to do with her staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge? Maybe preference is given to top-tier hotel guests? That’s just speculation though.
He did add that many Fastpasses become available the morning of your day at the park, even occasionally for Anna/Elsa and 7DMT, so to “keep trying.” Story of my life lately! :smile:

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Guessing the CM sensed your friend was not happy about something and DIS wanted to do a little ‘guest recovery’. You know what they say about squeaky wheels. I’ve gotten multiple anytime FPP’s (mostly weather related type stuff) as I’d bet many here have too.

See #6

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