Wild Africa Trek - Tipping

Question… did you tip your guide(s) and if so how much??

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I don’t recall.

I thought for sure you would know!!!

ugh… well hopefully someone else can chime in over the next 36 hours!

It’s been 3 years now.

Did you Check my review thread?

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I did. :grin:

Looked there first before posting. You didn’t mention anything about any tipping.

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They absolutely refuse tips. I was told only VIP guides are allowed to take them but they are not.

Like I seriously insisted and she would not take it.


If only chat was searchable! I know this was discussed recently but I don’t remember what was said :upside_down_face:

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Excellent info. Thank you!!!


Yep it was discussed recently in chat. Someone tipped their KTTK guide. (Put it in in her “pouch.”)

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I did not tip them, no. But then I’m British and have opinions about tipping.

I’ve done three VIP tours at UOR and I tipped the guide only once. That was because I thought she was genuinely first rate and went out of her way to make sure we had the best time possible.

Interestingly not even Americans seem to know the rules. On the occasion when I did tip the guide the other members of our group (it was a non-private tour) huddled us all together to discuss if we should and whether it was appropriate. And how much. I think I gave a twenty.

I googled before we went and done three VIP/RIP tours non-private. I’ve tipped every time 15-20% and I’m not sure how much others gave but I could see the tipping handshakes from multiple people.

are kttk guides plaids? The WAT lady said “plaids” are allowed to accept them and I have given a tip to a plaid at Disneyland for Halloween and Christmas tours and they did accept them. But the WAT guide said they were different (like maybe these ladies/gentlemen are higher paid because they are animal trainers?) and we’re absolutely not allowed to take tips.

I am so glad they aren’t allowed to take tips, because we didn’t.

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Vouching for what has already been said. We offered, and they declined. They said that what we could do is send a cast member compliment for them through the app, so we did that. Find out their hometowns so that the system finds the right people.


We 100% did this. Our guides were FANTASTIC. I have a pic of us with them in my office!


Yes, they are plaids.

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