WiFi use in Parks

I noticed WiFi mentioned in a recent post. For some reason I assumed there wasn’t any in the parks. Can you please confirm if there is WiFi in all 4 WDW parks?
Is it reliable and quick or are you better off using your phone plan? We will be ther between Dec 7 and 14 so crowds will be between 6 & 9 most days.

There is wifi in all Disney parks. It is reasonably reliable. There are a few places where you’ll lose a signal, but in most cases you’ll be able to use Disney’s wireless connection.

Yes, to wifi. The only place I couldn’t get it to work was inside the line while waiting to enter Soarin at Epcot.

I’d also say, “reasonably reliable.” There were plenty of drops, but reconnected after a few seconds. Always seemed to drop when I wanted it the most, but usually reconnected quickly.

Thanks everyone, thats great information.

Currently posting from Epcot, only lost connection 2 or 3 times all day. Seriously impressed with the coverage and the speed

Dropped out a lot for us on both android and I-phone but this was probably due to the number of people trying to use it.

When it worked it was great.

We were in Magic Kingdom on a CL 9 last March. I found the only places the wifi didn’t work was deep inside a building, like Space Mountain or PoC. I was using an old (4 yrs old) ipod, so no chance it was flipping over to data. I was able to check lines info and WDW info.

Also, it’s available all over WDW. I was at Disney Springs this past Sunday. I used the MDE map a lot. We traveled by water taxi from DS to POR, then bus to MK for one lap on the monorail. It didn’t get good reception by the boat docks at DS, but I had it when waiting for buses at all the places.