Wifi in mermaid rooms

I’m considering Mermaid rooms at AOA for our trip next year and the big con I always read about is the wifi? Anyone have experience? I’m ok using my own data so if that works ok that’s fine. I also read AOA upgraded wifi in 2020?

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Bumping this up.

Wifi at AoA was spotty for me. It worked well enough for casual browsing but booking LL at peak times or if I’d needed to work while there, it was too slow. I also find those buildings affect cell service. I had to go outside to use data.

Ugh. That’s what I’m afraid of. I mainly only care about booking LL. When was your stay?

End of February.

All I had to do was step outside and my cell service worked fine. Just an extra step to be decent enough at 7am in order to be seen outside the room!

I can handle stepping outside. Thanks!

Stepping outside the room or building?

You’ll need to be outside/outdoors. In LM section that means stepping out of your room since they open to the outside.

Didn’t even realize that as we stayed in the suites last time. Thanks for the info.