Wife's Birthday

We will be at DW for her birthday. Any ideas that I can suprise her with? We are arriving on 12/1. Hopefully I haven’t procrastinated too much. She has picked what we are doing and where we are eating every day. Am looking for something extra to make it special.

Definitely get her a birthday button.

Maybe something from:

Maybe have a cake ordered for the room or a meal that she has reserved.

Get her a gift card so she can pick something special for herself.

A special ornament for the tree.

No I know. Pack some things to decorate the room both birthday and Christmas

I surprised my husband this way for our 20th anniversary, but it was Halloween/Anniversary. I had a bunch of Halloween decorations a happy anniversary banner. And I made a bunch of Mickey Heads out of poster board, and printed up pictures of us from our wedding, trips, etc. through the years.

Do not forget quality scotch tape. But be sure to remove all of the tape from the room when you leave. I have not had any problems doing this.

Thank you. I am going to plan something like this. I looked at the link and couldn’t decide. I might look into a cake or cupcakes.

Cast members in stores and at rides are able to ring a special number which connects to a birthday message from Goofy or Mickey. If you get the chance to ask them without her noticing, it is a nice little extra surprise!