Why won't you just leave?

I totally get it. Planning a WDW vacation, or DCL which we were to have our first trip this year and now postponed until next year, is kind of the light at the end of the tunnel. Having a Disney Magical vacation to look forward to and plan (I do love the planning, the research OMG) is almost therapeutic. In our part of the world there’s been rioting now for a while, nothing huge but still disturbing enough and the economic outfall from the pandemic is actually quite scary, which has been the major cause of my anxiety. So the Magic of Disney is essential to my mental wellbeing, and my kids too. They also have something to look forward to. And I noticed, thankfully, we are not alone in this…

The nice thing about the pandemic is that it helps me focus on the most exciting part of any Disney vacation the planning! Not only did I get to plan my 2020 vacation all through 2019, I got to cancel, delay, reschedule, roll forward, re-book, alter, modify, and adjust my plans over and over all year in 2020! Now I have almost a whole year to plan my (hopefully final) 2021 trip!


OK, that is really an out-there Silver Lining!


Only a little tongue in cheek. :wink: