Why won't you just leave?

My goodness, I’m milking these farewell threads.

I just had a question, really.

I’ve noticed for a while, but certainly recently, that I’m feeling really tired all the time. If I’m not out walking the dog, or eating, or watching something really compelling on TV, I just end up having a nap. When I wake up I feel tired.

There are a number of reasons why this might be happening, but I’m wondering if it’s to do with COVID.

I don’t mean that I’ve got it. I mean that the stress of the whole thing has just really got to me. It feels a bit like depression.

I feel a bit pathetic saying this, but now that I have no Disney plans on my calendar, I feel like I have nothing to look forward to.

Does anyone else feel like this? Anyone else have these symptoms?

(As I say, there are other possible causes, but they’re not really anything new that’s happening in my life, whereas all this COVID horror is new. And general political events — we’ve had rioting in the UK, for example — are getting to me, too.)


This is a helpful topic for all @mousematt cuz everyone everywhere is dealing with Covid-19 and it’s effects… not just getting it but living with it’s ever-hanging-storm-cloud-over-our-head-effects. Why is this helpful??? cuz talking about it helps. knowing you’re not alone helps. I can’t put my finger on the article but the constant stress is getting to many of us. I’m not napping/sleepy as you are but my stomach is in constant knots. And any ‘new’ thing sets me spiraling… I can’ handle anything new or extra right now like I was able to in the past without a second thought. I’m blaming C-19 for this ever-stressed-panic-constant that is new to my life. I try to remind myself how lucky I am compared to others and I wont’ complain… but even those that are blessed are stressed right now.


found it: https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/5-signs-covid-19-is-impacting-your-mental-health?ltm=ygi1jTeHIndbPXKsFOsER6UUttsiDQJ9WD/9IvRzAYLm91y9hno71vXKBKIpyrV0&subscriber_type=member&utm_campaign=daily-newsletter&utm_source=member&utm_content=dnl-6-8-20-theascent&utm_medium=email&utm_term=dnl-6-8-20-theascent

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I have no vacations on the calendar. I’ve found myself digging even more deeply into understanding what I live for and not liking some of my revelations.

I have an abiding faith, a spectacular family, my health… and yet having nothing on the calendar is MISERABLE!

I am a count-downer person. Whether it was to due dates for babies or trips, they motivated me in the dull moments.

Aside from that - the whole pall of the virus and the world slowing down has caused me to be somewhat depressed. Maybe not clinically, but I even see how I walk slower in the stores and make decisions more slowly. The only place I am still “on fire” is at work. Real live seems so Quaaludy right now.


Definitely feeling the effects of COVID emotionally and mentally. The last two Saturdays I have not gotten out of my pajamas. For me that is definitely not the norm and I find it somewhat concerning. I just can’t find the motivation to do anything. The days just seem to run together lately.

I do have a vacation coming up in two weeks. My daughters and I are heading out on a driving trip to see a few National Parks - Crater Lake, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier. It’s a perfect social distancing type of trip. I hope it perks me up. Seeing beautiful scenery and reminding myself that this too shall pass.

I really hope that you get out in your new little orange car (we’ll be in my not so new little yellow car!) with your dog and explore some new/old places. It’s not Disney (by the way, you really need to try DisneyLAND sometime!) but it will be good for the soul.


It’s not just you. Looking at my calendar with literally every single thing crossed out (even dentist appointments!) makes me teary. My son’s last hope for a summer camp cancelled on Saturday night and I was despondent. It’s hard to bother getting dressed in the morning, because who cares what I’m wearing looking at a computer all day. Everything is slower, fuzzier, less inspiring. You are not alone.


You’re not alone in this.

When I had to cancel our Christmas trip I felt totally gutted, like someone kicked me in the stomach gutted. And then I felt guilty that I was feeling like that over a trip to Disney.

DS was supposed to celebrate his 21st there, albeit a few months late - his choice. Thing is, he doesn’t seem to care in the same way I do, Whatever he’s feeling he doesn’t express it at all. But I’m sad for him. Why? I know it doesn’t even make sense.

And 18 months is an age away. But where some like me find solace in forums when we don’t have a trip planned, others find it tough to keep talking or reading about Disney.

But you know we can be a kind of support group here, if you want us to be. Just know you’re not alone. Not in how you’re feeling nor in getting through it, whatever you decide to do.


I totally understand the need to step away, as this group - myself included , are enablers. However, I started taking these trips over the last few years due to the advice of my therapist. Personally, when I have “something to look forward to” it calms my anxiety and depression.

The planning appeals to my need for control that my anxiety craves and knowing that I am going to a place I love keeps the depression away. Heck, being able to plan faux trips and follow along on paper, using MDE & TP, all day at my desk is even relaxing for me. I could go anywhere and do anything, but I keep coming back to Orlando. I’ve traveled a lot of the world and no place makes me happier than Disney / Universal.

But I get it… it’s not cheap. I really could use new carpet / flooring and a new dishwasher & etc… But I choose to take trips instead. Is that this the wisest way to spend my money?? Nope. However, it truly helps me get up out of bed each day knowing that my next adventure is only “X” number of days away. (I’m at 98 for DLR - if I go and today was supposed to be my 180 day ADR morning for the next WDW.)


So much all of this. So much sadness at the cancelled trips (NY broadway shows, Montreal Jazz Fest, 2 week trip of a lifetime to Alaska), as well as kids spring baseball/softball schedules, band trips, etc. So much frustration about how poorly remote learning worked for us and anxiety about what will happen in the fall. And just like so many others here, no planning or trips to look forward to. So despite my family being safe and healthy, and being fully remotely employed, feeling alternate waves of sadness and anxiety.


Yep, same symptoms, same feelings. Getting dressed and out of the house for a walk feels like an accomplishment. I’ve mentioned previously that it’s hard to feel hopeful or positive amidst so much uncertainty. I do enjoy reading posts on this site so I feel like I need to continue to do so, especially as I anticipate trip reports to begin soon. Those reports may provide some joy and hope.


This is kind of what I’ve been feeling too. Can I truly be “happy” when I don’t have a trip or something of that nature to look forward to? Can I not just be happy in the moment with all of the blessings that surround me? It has led to some soul searching, for sure. But also, I think this is a little different because there is so much anxiety and stress for all of us surrounding the virus and the economy and the missed opportunities for our children (that weighs heavily on me), etc. So I think we should give ourselves a little slack to be down and a little depressed. But also try to find ways to cheer ourselves up in whatever way works.


Yep, totally feel this. Tough to be motivated to do anything. I did the most over this past weekend which involved some work to top off a 55 hour week, ew. Maybe when I’m busier it’s easier to stay busier?

But before this week… I pretty much never made it out of sweatpants for 2.5 months and if I managed to get the dishes in the dishwasher it was a good day.


All the time. I find I rarely have anything to look forward to except another day of the same. It’s a big deal when I’m waiting for an Amazon order to arrive…


I think most of us feel this way. I am much happier when I have things to plan, be it vacation or taking my daughter to college, seeing friends and family, anything really. I was really bothered in the beginning of this, cancelling trips and having no idea when or if we can travel again. Or see friends and family. But then we started planning things, a trip to Glacier NP for next month, a graduation party for my daughter last weekend which was so good for all of us. It was so great to have 18 people in my backyard, socializing, playing cornhole…it was so good for my soul. I also have potential Disney in late July, either at DL or WDW…I realize you can’t plan to come to the US right now, but there has got to be some lovely places near you that you can visit with Calvin in your new car. Make some plans, it really does help!


I think almost everyone I know is feeling like this, including me.


I don’t mean that I’ve got it. I mean that the stress of the whole thing has just really got to me. It feels a bit like depression.

I feel a bit pathetic saying this, but now that I have no Disney plans on my calendar, I feel like I have nothing to look forward to.

Yes. 1000%. WDW - planning trips, looking forward to a trip, and then enjoying a trip are like my Prozac. With no trips to look forward to (and let’s be honest, not much at all to look forward to thanks to C-19), I feel super unmotivated to do anything. It’s a struggle to get out of bed some days. I know I’m depressed - I’m sure of it. I need to find something else to focus on in WDWs place - but what?


I, too, live for vacation planning and almost always have airplane tickets booked too go someplace or another.

But I’ve noticed I have a very odd habit when things seem glum and bothersome to me. I start reading stuff on natural and manmade disasters, true crime, etc. I don’t know why I do this- I’m sure a psychotherapist could have a field day with that.

Right now I’m waiting on Savage Harvest, a book about the 1961 death of Michael Rockefeller, in New Guinea. I guess my thinking must be- “Well, my life is dull and boring but at least I haven’t been eaten by cannibals.”


I won’t give up on the hope of going to WDW… have planned a trip in September. But of course, there is the risk it will be canceled like 2 other trips have thus far. At least I have a long weekend trip in September that should not get canceled - since a driving trip, that doesn’t cross borders. I need SOMETHING to look forward to.


We’ve got two trips planned too, Sept and Dec. Looking at the current C-19 and I’m thinking they will be cancelled as well. The one in Sept requires me to make a decision at the end of July to be able to bank DVC points. I’m not sure I will want to make that decision at that point though. I’ll probably end up calling in and talking to someone about our options… again.


That is indeed finding the silver lining!