Why won't touring plans let me add FP/room requests


I am having a practice at trying to familiarise myself with these touring plans.

I have made one myself, for HS. Chosen my rides, shows and dinner break.

When it comes to adding my FP option, it doesn’t give me an option to add it. I am not sure why.
I am trying to understand all of this. Do I only get to add FP’s once I actually physically book FP’s. …? If so, how does that work?
I am arriving in September, so a while away yet…But trying to get the hang of making a touring plan that works.

I also cannot figure out the room views for hotels. I am booked into the POFQ through our travel agent. I don’t have any specific room requested, but found on this site that you could opt to ‘try’ and get a specific room. I’m having trouble trying to understand all of this. :slight_smile: When I click on garden/queen bed, it comes up with zero options for rooms.

I assume you are doing this on a computer - phone makes it MUCH harder…

For the FP, meet the top there is a choice to use FP. Make sure that is checked. That may be the issue. You can certainly plan your FP - no need to wait until you book them. The plan will give you suggestions on the best choices.

For a step by step directions, search for @brklinck 's post on how to optimize your plan.

For the room finder, there are usually choices of floor. If you’re on the first floor there may be no rooms of that type, which is why it’s saying zero. I’m on my phone now, but later when I’m on the computer I’ll take a look

OK, on my computer right now.

For the room, when you pick garden/queen, all the buildings, which originally were white, turn color (purplish?).
That means that all the buildings have rooms that fit that description. Next, double click on a building, based on your other preferences: close to the bus stop, bldg 3 or 4. Close to the pool, bldg 2 or 5. Quiet, bldg 7. In reality, all the buildings are pretty close – it’s a small resort. I’ll pick building 5 as an example. When you double click that, it comes up showing the first floor. On the right near the top of the map you can choose another floor, but I’ll keep with the first floor. All the rooms that are colored are rooms that have what you are looking for - in this case 5102 - 5116 and 5127 - 5148. Clicking on a room will give you a picture with an approximate view.

For the FP+, there is a little green “+” next to the words "FastPass+ Options (skip if not using). Clicking on that plus sign opens up an area that allows you to tell the program the number of FP+ you will be getting - 3 per park, although Epcot and HS have tiers. You can play around with it to see how it works from there.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate your help.

When I click on the “+” next to the 'FP+ Options a window pops up like you have described. But this is as far as I can seem to go. There is nowhere to select specific rides that I would hope to get my 3 FP’s for…

I put the number 3 in the box but I can’t do anything after that :smile:

E-mail webmaster@touringplans.com describing the problem and giving the plan URL. They should be able to sort things out quickly.

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ahhhh, I think I got it sorted :slight_smile: Thank you all

Did you get the room requests?

An additional note for the room requests. Are you selecting the “Touring Plans Picks” box? If so, de-select that. There are very few rooms that are chosen as their Picks, and they don’t even have one per category type. You’ll have lots of rooms show up if you de-select that box.