Why won't my fast passes show up in my plan?

I’m trying to make my touring plan. I see where it says to put fast passes that I already have reservations for. However, when I complete my plan they do not show up in my plan. What am I doing wrong?

Can you make your plan public and post the link on here Im sure someone will be able to help.Also are you getting any messages at the top of your plan

The attractions need to be added to your plan…in addition to adding them in the FPP section.

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Also, if the attractions are in you plan the Optimizer might not be using the FPP because it can make a better plan without them. read through the plan - usually there is a message when it does that.

I am having the same problem, the FP attractions are in the “add FP attractions” block, but they are not being added to my plan. I have tried several combinations of optimizing, and it will not add it. I have done one day and it worked as shown. Then other days it does not. ???

You have to add the attractions to your attraction list yourself - just adding the FPP reservations does not add the attractions themselves to the plan.

Seems like sometimes the plan will add the attraction to the plan simply by putting the reservations in the upper block. It has happened as one plan I made, I added the attractions to the plan, and added the FP reservation, and then the attraction showed up twice in the plan below. The FP adding feature seems very unstable.