Why walking times so different? epcot from gate/SSE to norway

I have these 2 epcot WS plans. Same walk pace of relaxed.

Plan 1: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3787490
Plan 2: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3716620

Here is my confusion.

Plan 1 has starting time of 10am. I get to norway bakery in 11 minutes @ 10:11
Plan 2 starts at 9:45 am and goes to SSE. However the walking time from SSE to norway bakery is 20 minutes.

On plan 2, how is that i am “3” minutes further into the park with SSE (@ SSE at 9:48) yet takes me 9 minutes longer to walk to norway?

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Thats wild! Ive noticed some issues with walk times too. 1 plan in AK said it would take 45 mins to walk the back of Africa, by Gorilla Falls. I know that can easily be done in 10.

Don’t know the answer, but it is almost like it is taking you the long way around World Showcase!

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I’m confused. Both of your plans start at Norway. Am I missing something?

ETA: You have a FP scheduled for 9:30, but you have your start time at Epcot as 10:00. If you plan to arrive to Epcot for the 9:30 FP, you should change your starting time for Epcot earlier than 10:00. Otherwise it is just scheduling you based on a 10:00 arrival time, regardless of your FP.

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Shoot. I updated plan and forgot it was linked…please try again now

The SSE is an optional thing. Depends on how early we get up and get going that day. late night at MK the day before.

The plan has been corrected to what it was when i originally posted.

My apologies.

Ah. Okay. That’s better. :slight_smile: (Well, I mean, better in that I can now see your issue…not better as in it makes sense!)

Its saying 11 min walk from entrance to Norway and a 20 min walk from SE to Norway. Wonder if its taking in account all you have to walk through to get off the ride to actually getting out of the SE building…

But it takes less than a minute to exit the SSE building after de-boarding.

On the date you are going, are there EMH?

If so, and if the park’s off-site opening is 10:00, then when you get off SSE, you are now behind that crowd of people coming in. Maybe it accounts for that? But assumes you are ahead of the pack when you go straight to Norway?

Just guessing. Probably something to ask @len and the gang about.

no EMH:


U walk in to PT. I know u can add this as an attraction and u can just walk right through. I wonder how TP gets walking times. I would just modify my start time by 15 mins earlier, knowing it wont take 20 mins to walk.

Going to send @len and @brian an email on this.