Why the overall WDW CL8 jump on Saturday June 1st 2019?

Anyone know why the CL will jump to CL 8 on Saturday June 1st? Is that because it is the first Saturday of the month? Not sure what that would have to do with Disney… I googled the holidays, etc… and nothing comes up to explain this jump. I just want to make sure my touring plan is accurate and I myself can’t even justify this CL hike. If you look at pattern in the screen shot I am posting with this thread, you will see the following Saturday drops back down to 6. What is the reason Saturday June 1st has a jump and not the following Saturday?

Is TP crowd calendar off, could this be a mistake by chance?

I’m not sure what it was listed as before it jumped, but for reference, June 2 last year (the first Saturday in June) was also an 8, so it doesn’t seem like this is all that abnormal. I would have guessed that Flower and Garden had something to do with June 1 vs. June 8…but it looks like Epcot is a 7 both days so who knows.

As several of us have posted from recent reports, it just seems more and more that there really aren’t many “uncrowded” times anymore.


I’m surprised the Flower and Garden would cause such a big bump, I learned something new! Thank You!:grinning:

It might not, I’m just speculating – especially since it isn’t really causing a bump at Epcot.

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I’m going in June as well but toward the end of the month. It looks like the breakdown across the parks is consistent with the other days so I would doubt it will seem like much of a difference. Maybe avoid MK that day?

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In the past it was Gay Days at MK on Saturday. This year it was moved to August though.

I’m guessing it is because it is the week of Memorial Day. If people arrive memorial weekend and stay for a week that Saturday June 1st would be the end of that week. Just a guess though

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seems like a good reason to me, but yea - doesn’t seem to be any low crowd days anymore

It’s at the end of a 4-day workweek. Memorial Day is the preceding Monday, so many people will opt to start their vacation that weekend and continue it through the next weekend (when you are there). Instead of missing 5 days of work, they only miss 4. Add to that, the usual weekend influx of locals and I can see why it would be an 8. As @Redsock24 noticed, it was the same last year.

It then drops down on Sunday because those people who came for the week will be leaving.

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That explanation makes sense, never thought of it that way

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