Why sudden rise in crowd predictions for last week of August?

Hi all, the week of August 27 just went from predictions of around 2 or 3 to 7 to 9! Any idea why the increase? This is the week before the half marathon weekend, traditionally a pretty quiet time. Its our first trip and we specifically selected a quiet time… now I am a little concerned.

I believe that’s the first week that the locals with limited annual passes can get back into Disney so it will be the first opportunity for the locals to experience the new Fantasmic! which just reopened. It may be a very focused, late arriving crowd for F! at least…

Good theory! I believe Fantasmic will only be shown on Friday/Sat/Sun, so if you are correct that could either mean local crowds will arrive late not knowing it isn’t on during the week, or maybe the crowd prediction is wrong and only Friday night will be crowded.

Well this really is a pain in the butt!! I totally planned my entire two week vacation around going to Disney on the slowest days of the summer lol. Oh well thank goodness for touring plans.

There was a recent blog about this, http://blog.touringplans.com/2017/07/19/disneyland-crowd-calendar-updates-august-2017-beyond/.

Do you mean for DL or WDW?

Thanks for the blog link… given that Fantasmic will only be showing on Friday/Saturday/Sunday I hope the dramatic crowd increase to the rest of the week will be inaccurate :wink: In any event if it is just afternoon, who cares really 'cause we will have done most of our touring in the AM. (All of this is re. DL)