Why so many changes at once?

So what was up with all the sudden changes to the projected crowd levels changing Thursday (and the WDW crowd levels Tuesday?)

I booked my upcoming trip to UOR based on the projection that Islands was going to be a 2, and Studios was going to be a 1. I was going to park hop for the first time in 15 years.

Now both days are a 3 and I’m not sure it will be feasible. I’m wondering if i should get a refund for my ticket

Not feasible to park hop at UOR on a CL3 day??

We’re always there during CL8 and above and are always bouncing from one park to the other.
I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Life is tough :speak_no_evil:


A one point shift in either direction is barely noticable in wait times.

For example, the wait time average differece between a 1 and a 3 for USF at Gringotts is 16-36 minutes to 16-47 minutes (16 min due to preshows). Revenge of the Mummy is 7-16 to 9-24 minutes. At IOA a 2 to 3 means VelociCoaster goes from 20-45 mins to 28-48 mins.

You can see more comparisons on the crowd calendar page.

Even with a shift of 1 to 2 points remeber the three keys to touring and you’ll be golden:

  1. ARRIVE EARLY! On a CL 3 day arrive 60 minutes before gate open.
  2. Use EPA (if available)
  3. Use a touring plan

I did a CL 2/3 day in December and seeing the major attractions in one day is totally doable.


:rofl: Good luck

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Just in case you haven’t read Fred’s commentary on the updated CL’s, here’s the article:


Well like i said, i haven’t gone park-to-park in over a decade. The last time, there was no Hogwarts Express and i could still visit Amity Island. And i didn’t have the benefit of knowing what to expect from crowd levels.

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It is tough.
I have little to no luxuries in my life, because i start preparing for twice a year trips six months in advance.
Thats why i obsess over details, because i want to make sure i get the maximum return on investment

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Thank you. Thays the kind of helpful information i needed.

How many times did you change parks? I was thinking twice, but i may just have to do once.


No one likes a smart aleck


Should have added a “:crocodile::joy:

Seriously though- stressing over nothing. Crowd level 3 is what dreams are made of.


Thats very much appreciated. Not just for you sharing, but knowing that TP takes this stuff seriously. Too few businesses are willing to avknowledge mistakes and immediately correct them.

And looking on the positive side of things, a DECREASE in September made a big family trip to Disney more plausible than it was before


Yes they do. And if you don’t know, @josephmatt is part of the Touring Plans Team and regularly posts here on the forums with advice.

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