Why no Yacht Club?

Now, nobody’s changing their mind here, but . . .

I booked my 2019 vacation last night to take advantage of the free dining and gift card. My preference would have been for YC, but only BC was available. (Well, they had ultra-suites at YC for £8,805, but nothing remotely affordable.)

I fiddled with the dates a bit, but no joy. Except for the very end of August. And I’m not sure I want to go then. (Though maybe SWGE will be open by then, but that’s a two-edged sword.)

The thing is, I just like the look of the YC rooms more.

So can someone either explain why there are apparently no rooms at YC over a year out, or can someone talk me off the edge and persuade me that BC is actually delightful in real life, and I shouldn’t be put off by the room pictures I’ve seen. Or the fact that I booked a standard room with no view specification and we all know that means I’m going to get a view of the toilet block like I did at CG #stillbitter

BC was our first onsite stay, and we loved it. Still do but at the villas.

As for YC, well it could be because it’s a convention resort, so they might not be able to commit to availability this far out. Perhaps?


“Now, nobody’s changing their mind here, but …” :open_mouth:

Really? Already? :joy:

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We stayed at YC last summer and the only reason I would prefer there over the BCR is because all the rooms have full size balconys.
Also the rooms at the YC we’re renovated more recently then BCR. However, I don’t think you can go wrong with either. We always go towards the end of August and this summer we are heading to the Poly :slightly_smiling_face:. BTW I think you are hilarious and love reading your posts :joy:


Probably not lack of rooms. Probably just not included in the offer.


Yep not included. I’m going at the beginning of August and can get a standard room at POFQ, but from a couple of days later only garden view rooms are available.