Why isn't this using my FP?

My TP says it’s not using my FP. Is that just because the time shortened and it’s not worth wasting? I’m not familiar with the tier plan, so what should I use the FP on instead?


It’s saying you don’t need it as you’ll save more time doing it where it has suggested. You have huge amounts of free time in this plan. I usually do RnRC/TOT a couple of times, using FP once - you could try that? You could also use a FP for Great Movie Ride - that’s your longest wait and it is definitely not worth it! I’d also be trying to fill some time in with more attractions.

Yeah, I figured these would be a mess. I spent a ton of time on them, but I’m pretty sure I’m WAY off still.

I just tried to add RnRC and it gave me a 66 minute wait time…that’s a LOT, no?

That’s an awful lot! It wasn’t a mess in any way, it just has a lot of free time. That will allow you to people watch with a drink, meet characters etc if you want to.

Ive got a feeling that your 3 FP are all now tier 1 though. I though GMR was tier 2 but now I’m second guessing myself. We always do either TSM or RnRC for tier 1, ToT and Star Tours for tier 2.

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Yeah, I felt like that was a lot too. I wish the plans warned you of tiers, but it doesn’t so I’m guessing.
As for the spare time, I’m wondering if I’d be able to fill any of that with extra FP’s after I use all mine.

It does, you have to use advanced options and it gives you a list. I’m just trying something out for you now.


Try this plan. There’s still a lot of free time, but it’s using all the FP I’ve chosen (you might want different ones) and there are no 66 min waits.

No, ignore it, it’s moved MM.

Ok try it now. It’s not perfect but it’s better than what you had I think. You don’t have a break in the morning, the rides are pretty full on, so you might want to add one. You also might want to try a TSM FP instead of RNRC.

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That looks good. I redid mine too, so I’ll have to go back and compare them. Thanks for doing that!!!

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I enjoyed it, I haven’t got a trip of my own to plan for!

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