Why isn't FPP suggested in my TP for Anna & Elsa?

From everything I hear, it seems like that would be #1 priority-- but my TP suggests Peter Pan, 7DMT, and Wishes instead.

Any ideas why?

Without seeing your plan it’s hard to tell, but overall the lines have dropped for A&E, to a much more manageable level. No more 4 hr waits :smiley: By using FP elsewhere, it probably is saving you time waiting on line overall.

If you want to check, put in a FP for it, skipping one of the suggested ones and see what it does to your waiting time.

Doesn’t sound right to me. Hmm. It is still one of the most sought after FPPs.

How long is the wait where you have it? The system will only suggest a FP if it will save at least 15 minutes.

I had put it in but it suggested doing Wishes instead. I removed a couple of break times and it then suggested using it. I’m not sure I fully understand why, but whatever!