Why is watermark still on picts though I've purchased MM?

I purchased MM in my dummy MDE account. The pictures are showing up, but they all have the watermark on them. Why? I thought we were all set. I have the confirmation number at the bottom of my reservations page. And, it’s assigned to this same MM account name.

My screen looks like this:

So, what am I missing?


The watermark won’t be removed until you activate the MM via your first download and then only the dummy account will have the watermark removed. Your regular account will still show watermark since it does not own the MM. Remember once you activate your 30 days starts ticking away.

Oh, ok. So when I return and do a ‘download all’ they will all be without the watermark. Then we can do edits and download again, yes?

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Yep. Watermarks disappear in the dummy account as soon as the first download happens.