Why is TP telling me not to rope drop MMRR?

I’m making a TP for DHS for late April and the “optimize” function is going out of its way to tell me not to rope drop MMRR. If I say I have FPP for all of the other headliner attractions in our plan it literally tells us to watch Citizens of Hollywood first and then get in line for MMRR at 9:20 am. Anyone have any insight into the reasoning for this? I’m guessing they predict that with so many people there at rope drop to get BG for ROTR the line right at rope drop is longer than it will be 20 minutes later? Crazy though. I would love to hear if anyone has firsthand experience with this or something similar with newly opened rides.

RD at HS has become (for now) about the WORST time to go due to ROTR. Everyone who is there for a BG on ROTR is also RDing everything.

It is now better to wait until later in the day.

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Can’t trust any data on MMRR. Ride isn’t even open yet. We’ll have to wait at least a few days, maybe weeks to actually start to see trends.


One this to consider is that “Optimize” arranges the steps by lows queue waits. Not sure what time CoH start being on the street, but since there’s no queue for it the wait time is “0” or the number of minutes from the step before it until the performance time.

If it’s telling you to RD it, then I assume TP believes CoH performers will be out early so there’s technically no wait for them.

IME - Optimize is a good way to start your first draft of a personalized TP and see what the waits are. Then arrange them to your preference and “Evaluate” going forward.


Personalized TPs do not account for you already being in the park so the plan has you at the back of the RD pack. Your start time is the time the plan thinks you are walking through the gate.

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