Why is TP suggesting a FPP during evening EMH?

TP is suggesting I get a FPP for TT at 10pm during EP PM EMH. Is that an error?

It seems to suggest FPP automatically for any waits estimated >15 minutes, at any time of day.

Hmmmm. Well that’s a problem if you are looking to optimize

Hmmmm…send me a link to the plan, please, and I’ll take a look. We’ll need to fix that.

I changed it around to fix it, but will try and replicate it. Thanks!

Hi again @len. Here is a link to the plan. I optimized it again. This time it suggests a FPP for Soarin after 10 pm, so same problem as before with different attraction. I am wondering why the FPP’s are not suggested between SE and our dinner break? Thanks for taking a look.