Why is this forum dead compared to the WDW forum?

I check into both forums once every few days, and there are ten times as many new posts at the WDW forum. What gives?


I think it is similar to the Universal and wdw chat features in the Touring plans apps. I sort this forum by : All categories, then “new” or "unread " but I do not think everyone does ? I think many people are not following the Universal area? At least that is my guess.

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I also think less people are going to Universal on this site or have been before, therefore its of no real interest. It’s also less planning for Universal (I think anyway!) I check it regularly though because we always go to Universal on our Disney vacation.

Halloween Horror Nights is our only real GOT TO GET for Universal. This year, we’re thinking about eating there at the City Walk, but no idea which thing to choose / experience.

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I definitely agree - UOR is far less planning intensive than WDW, so consequently there are a lot fewer questions/discussion threads about it.


I agree. US is smaller, there are fewer choices and requires a lot less planning. Do NOT confuse this with inferior - on the contrary - I think US is AWESOME and thanks to US and especially HP - WDW has had to get off its butt!!!

I also find that a lot of the questions asked on the WDW side are a little, well how do I put this nicely - I bit “specific”. The questions are so specific and it seems like WDW may be the first time a lot of people are using it as their “first foray into traveling” - which is fine - and love the fact the forum is here to answer those questions.

I do however wish that there was a bit more activity in the US area as the parks really are worth visiting!!

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I think that you are correct here - a WDW trip is often the first big vacation that most Americans take that requires any degree of planning, other than booking the beach house or cabin in the woods. :slight_smile:

I have travelled the world and usually have multiple trips of various sizes every year both group and solo. I sometimes find the specific questions valuable. I don’t necessarily think it’s a lack of broader experience, but a group of type a planners looking for great info from a valuable resource. Once you have the basics, universal is a whole lot easier than Disney. But I did get awesome tips here. Frankly, chat is more active and I now find myself putting forum-like questions on chat (both WDW and USF) to increase readership.

valid point

I’d like to see more posts, but that’s because Universal Orlando is on my mind…it’s my next trip. From my research, it appears to me UO requires significantly less planning (no ADRs, no FP+) than WDW.

YES - It wonderfully does require LESS (dare I say NO) planning. If you can it is well worth staying in a deluxe to get the Express Pass. Only planning you need to do is get to HP ASAP in the morning (although now they use the Express Pass as well). But go ahead and send questions

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We stay at the Royal Pacific, so with UE there’s a lot less planning involved. However, I still put together a touring plan to organize the day and ensure that we hit everything. +1 to wishing for a more active forum!

ok i have a question we are going on Christmas eve through the 26th after getting off a cruise. I have already completed my TP and there is little to no wait with EP as we are staying at PB. Is this for real? Seven minutes for FJ ? FYI We are not riding the big roller coasters.

Just wanted to point out that we have more posts than the Disneyland board over the past few days. Love the increased action for UOR!

I think that US is sometimes thought of as the “country bumpkin cousin” to WDW. I know I used to - but after going - looking forward to going back as are the kids. I think part of it is also that US doesn’t require a military precision planning that WDW does. For me - (even though I am a Project Manger) - I LOVE that it is go and have fun - MINIMAL planning needed.

I agree, I think it is quieter because you don’t have to plan as much. I also think that the majority of TP users get it for WDW advice, and many of them don’t even venture to UOR. They don’t know what they are missing!

I find it amazing that people don’t find Universal as interesting or exciting as Disney

I love them both but if I could only visit one of the two it would be Universal in a deluxe hotel with the fastpass

Although FOP has made it a slightly tougher choice for me now

SHHHHHH stop telling people!!!

UOR needs to up their table service game in the parks, but otherwise my family prefers UOR over WDW and it’s not even that close. Granted, I have two teenage boys, so their interest in Jungle Cruise is minimal at this point.

Agreed on the food. There’s no real quality either in the parks or in city walk

Although the deluxe hotels have decent food options

I’ve got teenagers as well and it no contest they prefer universal. Helped by the Harry Potter worlds

But they also love spiderman and hulk etc

I do see FOP as an attempt at a comeback from disney though

They need a few more like that

It’s not just kids though my wife and I prefer the calmness that universal express passes give us

It’s all so easy and pleasant