Why is the Wilderness Lodge Fireworks Nature View $170 more than Nature View

Looking at the room finder and only a view rooms have the fireworks selection but these are next to the regular nature view rooms.

It’s a limited area to see MK fireworks from WL. Keep in mind no fireworks right now.

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I’m wondering if the room finder on TP is accurate. I have a nature view and have requested a high floor right next door to a nature fireworks view. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put me down a few floors but I got to try!!! :joy:

Also since WL has been closed for over a year it may be more difficult to know if they reassigned certain rooms from nature view to nature fireworks. Personally I would go for the cheaper room unless you are going 2022 or beyond when it’s more likely they will have fireworks.

Prior to closing there were standard view rooms with views of fireworks (and the castle). Aim for a higher floor on the northwest arm in the middle, if that makes sense. Not sure if they have switched room categories / recategorized rooms. I do notice that the room finder on TP has different classes than the actual bookable categories.

We also lucked out with pretty great fireworks views from a second floor standard view! Seems like everything on that side you could see something it just wasn’t perfectly unobstructed.

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