Why is SDMT so short?

I remember hearing the reason one time, but I can’t remember what it is now. Did they alter an original longer design due to budget overages, something like that?

Yes they did.

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Yep. The original design was almost twice as long as the final product.

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If it had been twice as long… and therefore had a larger footprint… I wonder what would be different there. Would there be no Gaston’s?

As it is now, it’s a disappointment of a ride. Yes, the pre-ride walk-through is great. Yes, the animatronics are amazing. The ride itself leaves little to be desired. I experienced 7DMT during Early Morning Magic. There is no way I’d stand in line for this ride nor use a Fastpass+. I’d rather they had kept Snow White’s Scary Adventures open. BTMR is a much better version/alternative of this attraction. If they had built it to the specs of the original design, maybe it’d be a better ride, but as it is now, it’s a disappointment.

I seem to recall seeing a layout of the original design, but I am no longer able to find it.

But, being twice as long doesn’t necessarily mean it had a larger footprint, or at least, not a MUCH larger footprint. The “twice as long” applies more to the time length than the actual track length. Scenes were cut, so those scenes don’t take up much space track wise, but add much more time wise. Plus, they can work in 3 dimensions.

Having said that, it very well MIGHT have been that it would have cut into areas that they developed into something else. I just don’t know.

This is how I feel about SDD. My DD11 is determined to ride it (our last trip was one month before Toy Story Land opened), but with the new tiers, I really don’t want to waste my primo FP+ on it.


@etrull77 … I agree the ride does not live up to it’s hype … But it is a much better alternative to what was originally planned to fill the space vacated by 20000 Leagues.

What was that?

Quoting from an article entitled “WHY IT TOOK 20 YEARS TO CONVERT 20,000 LEAGUES TO A MINE TRAIN”

That is why – when Walt Disney Parks & Resorts officially announced the New Fantasyland project back in September of 2009 – the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was nowhere to be seen. In its place on the original site plan for this then-$350-million project was a massive Disney Princess meet-n-greet. Where – on one side – you could enter a full-sized recreation of Lady Tremaine’s chateau and then watch as the Fairy Godmother conjured up Cinderella’s gown for the ball

I think they made the right choice


IMO, SDD is a far superior ride to SDMT.

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How would I make that happen, FP+ SDD and rope drop Tower of Terror? If I’m going April 2020, ToT will be back up to full strength… ToT is non-negotiable, so I don’t want to outright sacrifice it to SDD.

I was just suggesting not to equate it with SDMT–it’s a lot better than that. If TOT is your top priority, I would FPP that one (and if it goes down you get an anytime FPP for it). So yes, RD SDD or try for a same-day drop.

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Or get in line at closing, if you will be in the park 'till close.

I wonder if Star Wars nonsense will divert people away from SDD, making it more RD doable by April 2020…

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My guess is that Star Wars will bring so many more people into the park, it will offset any such possible benefit. Not everyone can be in SWGE at the same time.

Sad face emoji.

I hope I’m wrong! You could always do EMM or DAH?