Why is no one talking about the WL refurb?

We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge last week. As we walked around the hotel part of the resort we could see that they were doing a complete room rehab. The curtain were gone and looking inside-
the rooms were completely gutted. The rooms were empty, the walls and floors stripped bare and they were working on just about every floor.
I haven’t seen anything anywhere mentioning this.
I would love to see an updated room, as they were pretty dark and dingy, but I hope they keep some of the woodsy charm instead of going with the new look all the other resorts have gotten.


When we were there a week ago, for lunch & holiday viewing, we noticed all the work going on and I believe @Dreamer mentioned it in her live report.

How long have they been working on this? This video talked about FPs, extra magic hours.

They started it before the shut down, and then restarted it again when DVC re-opened?


Sometime in the past two days, I read that they were reopening in early June and all rooms would be refurbed. I can’t remember where I read this, though. I haven’t been around Chat or the forum much lately and figured that this was probably old news to everyone else!

Thank you Principal Tinker. I think I like the new room. Modern but woodsy. I can’t believe they are going to open so soon.
It seems like all the news was about Poly being redone and that is taking longer, although Poly does have a lot more rooms.
I was looking at the rates for WL for December of 2021. The prices are increasing quite a bit.


I’m pretty excited about this. The rooms really needed it and we’re planning to stay there in July. Woot!

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