Why does the TP not put 7DMT first? (no FP+)

So I got on at midnight at the 30 day window and 7DMT FP’s were already gone for our 9/15 visit (LEVEL 1 DAY!!!) Still fuming about that, but that’s another story. So my question is, with no FP, why is the TP saying to ride 7DMT at 11:35 AM with a 33 minute wait? Wouldn’t it make more sense to line up at rope drop and hustle over there?

It does this because your OVERALL waits for all rides are less if you ride it then.

Here’s an example. If you ride 7DMT at RD and choose to ride Peter Pan later in the day, it might be like this
Wait 7DMT at RD - 20 minutes
Wait PP later - 35 minutes
In total, wait time is 55 min

Whereas if you swapped them
Wait PP at RD - 10 minutes
Wait 7DMT later - 33 minutes
In total, wait time is 43 minutes.

The Optimizer looks for the least amount of wait time overall. If you want to put 7DMT right at RD, then Optimize a couple of times, drag 7DMT to the top and then “Evaluate” from there.

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And welcome to Touring Plans! :smiley:

That makes sense, thank you. I’ll go with what the TP recommends! (not looking forward to the rush to 7DMT at RD anyway, I’ve heard it can get nasty).

What are some of your other attractions that have slightly longer waits on the TP? Say more than 15 minutes?

Nothing over 15 minutes except for 7DMT. I have FP for Enchanted Tales, Peter Pan, and Splash mountain. Its basically day one of the “Happy Family” 2 day plan. I created a personalized one so I could optimize. Really, given the short wait times for everything else, I really can’t complain about the 7DMT 33 minute wait. I was still really surprised to see FP gone for 7DMT on level 1 crowd day.

If everything else really is that short, then I would say try dragging 7DMT to ride at RD and then Evaluate.

A good idea if you have a plan you like is to COPY it first to another plan,
then move stuff around & use “evaluate” to see if you can come up with a
better one. Then you still have your 1st optimized plan to go back to.

Also, don’t give up on getting a FP for 7DMT.
Try using “change experience” to see what comes up.
I think they save some FPs for day-of or at the 7-day mark too.
Go well.

You couldn’t get a Fpp for 7dmt because it is a party night so the park hours are really short so less Fpp available overall. On bigger crowds the parks are open much longer so there are many more available Fpp.

I would try playing around with a copy of your tp and see what happens to your overall wait times if you put 7dmt near the beginning of the day.