Why does Enchanted Tales w/ Belle close early on MNSSHP nights?

In October, it looks like it closes at 6 on non-party nights, but at 5 on party nights. Anyone know why? I had planned on doing this at 5ish on a party night :frowning:

Secondary question: if I get a FP for 4:00-5:00 that day, and arrive at 4:45ish, is it possible that we will miss the last “showing”?

I wouldn’t want to cut it that close. There are two short pre-show areas so the entire attraction probably takes 15 minutes. I can’t remember what tp estimates.
I’ve heard they sometimes delay the first show at rope drop until they have enough guests, so I would be concerned that the opposite would happen at the end of the night. They need at least 8 or so children to play all the parts.


8 children or just 8 participants? Ill have 2 kids and 4 adults.

Kids play the majority of the parts. Adults play the knights in armor.

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And they give every kid that wants one a “Part”. By that, I mean they give them a cardboard cutout of something to walk around with*. They aren’t really integral to the story. But, some are. My daughter played the Beast the first time we went in.

  • At least, that is what happened when I went. I’ve heard they didn’t give parts to all kids at other showings.
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Thanks for the help. I’ve rearranged my TP to get us there closer to 4. We’re doing dinner at BOG at 5:45 and had hoped to do these two things back-to-back to make it a “Beauty and the Beast evening”. Perhaps we can kill some time at Gaston’s and in the gift shop next door before dinner.

You could also add a ride on the carrousel to fill a bit of time. Or Under the Sea. They’re both very close by.

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My DD3 recently told me she wants to skip ETWB next trip. I ask why. She said because last time she was the “salt shaker”. I laughed …


The room where they hand out parts has very specific timing, so they have to get all main parts assigned. When we were there they asked for anyone else to jump forward quickly to get a part. If your kid delays or needs coaching, you’ll miss out.
@TheProphetPaul I love the B&tB themed evening idea!