Why do resorts have low availability the next two weeks

We are still thinking of moving our trip because of Dorian. Resort availability is very low the next two weeks and it was good before the storm was announced. Do you think it’s Florida locals booking rooms? Is it going to make being at the resorts miserable because common areas, pools and restaurants will be packed? Is it possible that they might cancel if the storm isn’t as bad as they say it is going to be? If people move their trip because of the hurricane do you think they would be more likely to move it to next week or at least 60 days out to salvage FPP?

Sorry to ask so many questions but I feel pressed to make a decision quickly. We chose this week specifically for low crowds and I won’t go in the next two weeks if crowds will be horrible. Just looking for insight and opinions. Thanks in advance!

Onsite resorts are always filled up. Most guests stay offsite so it’s not a good indicator. Between the hurricane and SWGE opening up it’s really a wild card on how the crowds will be.

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This confuses me.

Onsite resorts are always filled up??

Most guests stay offsite??

Please help me understand


I’ve read repeatedly that no matter the time of year on-site resorts will be full. So that is not a good indication of how crowded it will be.

Checking off-site resorts availability may be a better indicator of how crowded it is is.

Sorry if I’m not wording this correctly. My brain is fried - Friday afternoon before a holiday.


I have actually found that on-site availability, at least in advance, is a very good predictor of crowd level.

Yeah, so that’s not true. :-/

Ive read the same. Disney does its best to fill those rooms. Free dining can eat up lots of availability in a mater of days. So early on availability IMO wouldnt say much. That being said visitor count vs # of rooms at Disney suggests that ALOT of ppl stay off site. I dont know if offsite availability is a great indicator. Maybe checking both would be a gauge?

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I was there during hurricane Irene and the ASMov did fill up to the brim with locals fleeing shoreline cities and first responders. A lot of pets were also joining us. The pool obviously was closed because you shouldn’t swim during a hurricane and food areas were overwhelmed. There was curfew so you couldn’t leave the food court / store area but the CMs did everything they could to entertain, protect and make you feel safe and at home. Free pizza was handed out. Free coffee. Free Hot chocolate. Free lanterns and batteries. Free water bottles. Rare characters such as Max and Goofy showed up. It also lasted only a day and shortly before and afterwards we had the most glorious crowd levels ever! So it can be a blessing in disguise. Of sorts.

My guess is you’re seeing low availability due to possible Dorian. If it passes by, most people will cancel but by then your own date will be too close. I recommend just enjoying your trip no matter what, don’t cancel!


Thank you so much for the information! So do the locals not go to the parks? As of right now we are still planning on flying in tomorrow!

Locals may go to the parks, but a perk of being local is you don’t have to stay on property.

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Thanks! How about those who are booking the hotels for evacuation? Do they go to the parks?

I do not know. I am not local.

If there are evacuations close enough for people to book, there may well be park closures anyway.

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The crowds were so small that I would have to say they don’t. Maybe they only want to go back to survey their homes as soon as possible?

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Don’t know if this is helpful but I’ve been here for two days and crowds are pretty low tbh. Yesterday the crowds at MK and AK where we were, were super low. We got on every big and medium ride at MK and did everything but FoP at AK. Today we’ve been at Epcot and did everything but Test Track - even food and wine wasn’t too bad (couple of long queues but even then not awful). We are headed to DHS tonight to look around and hopefully do a few rides so will let you know haha


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