Why did WDW increase the hours at all of the parks

I’ve been planning our trip from 10/6 - 10/15 for months. I have a spreadsheet with all of the hours for each park for each day.
I just looked and realized that all the park hours have been increased. Does Disney know something that touring plans doesn’t about expected crowds?

Can anyone explain or confirm that the hours have suddenly been increased


It happens pretty routinely. I would guess it’s based primarily off of hotel bookings. As they start to fill up they add additional hours and more shows like second parades and F!'s. It shouldn’t really affect your plans though.

The only thing that is a pain is pre-RD breakfasts that are no longer pre-RD. But it’s very disappointing for sure! Or do they extend the reservations and open even earlier?

No they don’t open the restaurants any earlier so those would be a little bit of a pain.

Bet WDW is expecting higher crowds. Wouldn’t be surprised if TP updates the crowd levels upward.

That exact thing happened to us our first trip. I ended up moving our supposed to be pre-RD H & V breakfast to a late morning breakfast so we could still take advantage of RD.


We have a pre-RD scheduled for Spring Break at AK but I’m not counting on it. If they open AK earlier, it will end up being a RD breakfast. NO thank you, m’am!

One thing I am concerned about is our Key to the Kingdom Tour. We booked the first one of the day because it gives you pre-rd main street time. But If they move up MK’s opening time…nope, it will be right in the midst of the dash! My plan is to arrive even earlier and maybe, they will let us in. Otherwise it will be a mob scene getting to the tour point with rd going on at the same time.

The tour check in right inside the gate though so you won’t have far to go.

This is very common - check out http://blog.touringplans.com/2011/07/18/interpreting-park-hours/ for more information on park hour changes.

Thats good to know. Thanks @Outer1. It’s the left side as you face to park, right?

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Uhhhh that I can’t say for sure lol… I just know it’s one of the first buildings you come to. We actually booked ours at one after opening on purpose so we could stay and watch the welcome show.

Sorry I meant as you face THE park

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