Why did Crowd Calendars all go down?

I remember several weeks ago when crowd calendars went down a couple of points almost across the board, not just for immediate trips but also for dates several months away. Did we ever hear why that happened?

I think it’s because they think a lot of people are postponing their trips until Galaxy’s edge opens.

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How awesome would this be if this actually happens but I’m planning for the worst and hoping for the best. :):smile:

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We’ll be there the week of Columbus Day, a week that traditionally has high numbers the while week. The calendar is predicting 7s and 8s on the Sat/Sun/Mon but 3-6s on the Tue-Fri. My fear is that they’ve underestimated numbers, so once we get there my Touring Plans for the Tue-Fri will change pretty drastically when I hit “Evaluate” or “Done” once we’ve finished a step. But I guess we won’t know until we get there!

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I don’t know when Columbus Day is, but the predicted crowd levels change pretty regularly so you could see them go up again for those low crowd days. You’re right though, you never know if the predictions are right until you get there.

It’s the 2nd week in October (3 weeks from now.) It’s Fall Break for many schools (including ours.) The Crowd Calendar hasn’t changed in many, many weeks but I am trying to prepare myself for them to go up. :confused: Time will tell I suppose!

I thought it might be Feb, I don’t know why! Hope they stay low for you.

I’m also planning for Columbus day weekend (driving from ATL) Here’s hoping the levels stay low because I am pleasantly surprised by my 2’s and 3’s on our MK days! Epcot will still be insane for F&W and my HS day is a 7 (least favorite busy park, so hot!) but we’ll see. Touring plans helped so much for our last trip in 2014, hopefully it’ll do its magic again. Happy last minute planning!

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You too!

Please let us know what happens. Good luck ! :slight_smile:

I hope the same happens for our 2020 trip in anticipation of GotG, Tron, and Ratatouille. But it is still too soon after SWGE to open for me to get my hopes up too much on that one! :slight_smile:

Yeah same here, I hope it’s true but I don’t count on it !!!