Why can't I pick other parks when making my FPP

Thursday is my day. I have been playing around to kind of get an idea of how it will work. It doesn’t matter if I pick a day this month or the latest day open on the calendar all I am able to pick is Magic Kingdom. Will this change when my actual days open up? I’m confused as to why this is happening even for days this month.

I’ve noticed that the FPP portal page is set up differently than a while back. MK is highlighted first. But then you should be able to click on the other parks to select them.

Do you actually have park tickets? Or do you only have a MNSSHP ticket?

What web browser or smart phone app are you using?

Are you staying onsite and do you have park tickets linked in MDE?

Sounds like you have party tickets linked. For some reason that allows you to book FPP for anytime up to 30 days from today, but because the party is in MK that’s the only park you can select. As long as you have your room and regular tickets linked in MDE it should all open up at your 60 day mark.

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I’ve been using the web browser and I do have tickets and am staying onsite. All of my reservations are there and linked.

But you said “thursday is my day”. So that means you’re more than 60 days out right now, right? What kind of tickets do you have? Were they purchased with a room package, or separately? And what kind of tickets?

I have the same thing happening. I actually called and talk to IT and they told me it was due to having a MNSSHP ticket linked. They said my tickets purchased as part of my package would allow me to book at the other parks at the 60 day mark.

Yes, Thursday is my day. I was just doing a trial run using a random day to see how it all worked before I get up at midnight and try to do it half asleep. They’re just the base tickets and were purchased with a room package.

Then you can’t use those tickets yet. You don’t yet have valid tickets, and can’t do a trial run for FP+. You (or someone else in your Friends & Family list) must have MNSSHP or MVMCP tickets also linked, and that’s what’s enabling you to make FP+ for MK.