Why can't I get my TP to start before my dinner break?

I have a plan for Jan. 4, 2015, our arrival day. I have the plan start time as 4:30pm. I have a dinner break set for 7pm. I’ve optimized several times, but I can’t get the TP to put in any activities between 4:30 and 7. How do I fix it?

Try adding more attractions. The lines WILL be longer before dinner, so that’s why it’s putting everything after. Alternatively, you could change the time for your plan or make your dinner break longer to block out those hours.

The longest wait I see for anything on my list is 16 minutes, without FPP. I don’t see how that accounts for not putting anything in the 2 1/2 hours between plan start time and dinner?

The plan will group everything together into whatever chunk of time is the shortest and most efficient. If you have 5 attraction, and they will take 78 minutes before dinner or 72 minutes after dinner, then it’s going to put them after dinner. Even a few minutes make a difference. (I’m totally making up the numbers, so sorry if they’re not logical.) That’s why it helps to pad your plan with more attractions. If you don’t want to do attractions after dinner, then just set your hours for the plan to the hours you do want to use. A third option would be to manually put the things you want to do where you want them and use evaluate instead of optimize.

I’m sorry if my explanation isn’t making sense. You can always email a the URL for your plan to TP staff. They’re better at explaining things than I am, and are very helpful. I’ll tag @len too, although it’s late on a Friday, so he might not be working right now.

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Betting @SallyEppcot is correct. Without seeing the plan, seems you have more time than attractions. How much ‘free time’ is on your plan? Why not fill out any free time (assuming it exists) with attractions? As a test, add a half dozen or so attractions, reoptimize and see the effect. The optimizer should then fill the available time with attractions. Low wait attractions like the TTA, Carosel, Country Bears, etc fit nicely into plans during busy times. Repeat until your free time is minimal; this assures that you’ll be getting the biggest attraction bang for your buck/time.


Yeah, this is interesting. @Sam2071 and @SallyEppcot are correct - the plan isn’t using the time between 4:30 and 7 pm because the lines are longer then.

You have plenty of time to see everything on the plan, so we can consider some options.

If you want your free time to be at the end of the night, change your plan’s end time to around 10:45 PM. That’ll force some steps to start around 4:30 pm.

If you do this, you’ll add about 20 minutes in waiting and walking to your day, as compared to what the Optimizer has now. But that’s only about 90 seconds per step, so you’ll never notice it.