Why can’t I print?

As much as I’m impressed by this amazing site, I could not print my touring plans from either Disney or Universal. I’m on a good iPad and an iPhone X and was able to easily print my itinerary from My Disney experience from both devices. For Disney, I did a custom plan with touring because of my fast passes and for Universal, I picked a recommended plan from touring but can not print out one or the other.

Very discouraging, which is why I abandoned touring plans for Disney but hoped to do better with Universal. It looks so incredible but if I can’t print it out, it won’t work for me.


I have never had any trouble printing my plans for any of the parks from a computer, are you able to try that? Good luck.


In agree with what @Wahoohokie suggests.

I also wanted to let you know this forum is for users of the product like yourself, not to b confused with a customer service page in the site.

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Do you also have the apps on your phone? Your plans will be there too.

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I print from a chrome browser app on my iphone, it prints as well as printing from a desktop.

Thank you. Someone said to go to the .com site for touring plans instead of the touring plan app. I don’t have a clue why they’re different but I tried it tonight and there it was, I was able to print from my iPad as long as I was in the touring plan dot com site and not the touring plan app. I can’t even believe it and will never understand why but am very happy!!!

Thank you so much.


The Touring Plan app is primarily meant for in-park usage. While you can do some editing/creation of plans, you are limited. Mostly, the expectation is that you’ll use the desktop website to create/edit your plans, and the app for when you actually are in the parks.

As such, they likely didn’t see the need to add print functionality to the app, since there wouldn’t be much point in printing a plan you can see on your phone.

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