Why can I book a room my TA says is unavailable?

I emailed my TA a couple of days ago asking about a potential change in my resort room for part of the trip. She emailed back saying the room type I was requesting wasn’t available. Except I just booked it on MDE myself. What would you do? The change in resort is at the beginning of my trip, but my discounted tickets are through her. I want to keep my tickets and the second part of the stay as they are (ie - discounted), but I’d like to change these first 3 nights. Do I ask her again? Tell her I was able to book them myself? Thanks!

It may not have been available when they looked… hard to tell. I’d let your TA know you booked it and just transfer your reservation to them and they can manage the whole trip and make it work out for you.


I looked both before and after she emailed me…it was available.

How does that work?

Availability is very dynamic and can change minute to minute.

Did you tell her you could see it available on your screen?

Unless she has given you reason to doubt her, give her the benefit of the doubt - I swear to you it turns on a dime - and ask if you can transfer the reservation into her care.


Your TA should be able to help you. Basically fill out paperwork telling Disney that reservation will be managed by the TA and not the guest/person who booked it. Shouldn’t cost you a penny more.


I wouldn’t say she’s given me reason to doubt, but she’s been somewhat lazy in her responses to me. Like I have to ask a question more than once to get a real answer out of her.

Is she a full time TA or does she have a day job and is a TA on the side? She should be clear about her ability to be available, for sure, but if she is not a full time TA maybe that’s why she’s not quick to respond? Not so much lazy as not “in the office”

She’s just whoever was assigned to me when I requested a quote. I actually have no idea if she does it full time or not.

I would let her know your thoughts, kindly.

Share that you are concerned about her responsiveness.

Share that you found the reservation you were looking for and understand that inventory can be very dynamic.

Share that you will need some assurances about her willingness or ability to be more responsive to your inquiries - or to define times when it’s best to try to reach her/expect a response.

And if she can provide you with that, ask if you can transfer the reservation into her care.

If not, explain kindly that you have been feeling uncomfortable with her level of service and have decided to manage the trip on your own

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Do you think she understood that you were not looking for an extension of an agency exclusive rate (I am thinking that is how your package is booked)?


Maybe I should let you write the email! I’m so not good at tact. Honesty, yes. Tact, no!!


At first she told me it wasn’t part of the agency exclusive so I asked if that meant I need to book it myself. She said no and that she would be happy to take care of it for me. Over 24 hours later she finally responded and told me there was no availability. Then told me it wasn’t a cost effective choice anyway.

Dear TA:

Thank you so much for your assistance to date in planning my vacation.

Recently, we discussed a reservation I was looking for. You said you were unable to see it, but I was able to. Since I understand inventory to be very dynamic, I went ahead and booked it.

I would like to transfer the reservation into your care. However, I have some concerns I wanted to share with you first.

I have at times found that you have not been as responsive as I expected when I first made contact with you. In fact, there have been times I’ve needed to reach out more than once to have my questions answered. This concerns me; I find myself wondering if you will be able to provide me with the level of service as I am in need of from a TA.

Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation for this. I would love to continue on with you, but need assurances that this will not be a concern going forward.

What are your thoughts?



Wow! Thank you! I didn’t mean for you to actually write it! Thank you so much!


Happy to help :slight_smile:


Dear TA,

I am a liner. I know what I want. If you can not deal with me I will find a TA that can.



I mean… that works too :wink:


Yeah, that sounds more like me!!

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I sent her an email letting her know that I was able to make the reservations and asking what she meant when she said it wasn’t a cost effective choice - because the room was more expensive, or because it would affect the rate of my original room.

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